USGS realtime flow data for Montana streams and rivers

Crosscurrents Fly Shop Fishing Report

The Trout Shop Fishing Report



Conduct the business of the Chapter in a manner that furthers the conservation, protection, and restoration of fisheries and fisheries habitat within the reaches of the Missouri, Smith, and Little Blackfoot Rivers and their tributaries.

Participate in associated local and statewide projects and initiatives that further the objectives of the Chapter.

Board Meetings:

  • Meet every 4th Wednesday of the months of September through April
  • Meet as needed during summer months
  • Endorse the slate of officers
  • Adopt an operating budget
  • File Re-chartering documents
  • File Annual Financial Report with National TU


  • North Fork Smith River fencing project
  • Follow and comment on Smith River Management Plan
  • Follow and comment on procedures for use of Smith River Corridor Enhancement Fund
  • PBS&J R/V Ranch Little Blackfoot River project
  • Follow up with Big Blackfoot Chapter
  • Potential participation in the TMDL on the Little Blackfoot
  • Continue to work on the flushing flows on the Missouri
  • Continue to work with FWP on obstructions on the Little Prickley Pear
  • Work with FWP on continued projects on the Smith River
  • Continue to co-venture with MTU on Smith River water adjudication
  • Other projects proposed by the committee and endorsed by the board


  • Trout in the Classroom
  • Support of MTU
  • Support of MT Land Reliance
  • Montana Healing Waters Project
  • Sponsor of Kid’s Camp at Georgetown Lake
  • Endorsement of L&C County Land, Water, and Wildlife Campaign
  • Smith River Habitat Project
  • Montana Healing Waters Project
  • Other initiatives endorsed by the board